Couple Kissing at Rancho Guejito
San Diego Wedding Photographer - Carrie McCluskey
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Rancho Guejito Wedding

Couple Kissing at Rancho Guejito

At the end of their ceremony at Rancho Guejito Vineyards in Escondido, CA, the bride and groom share a kiss that seals their vows and celebrates their new journey together. The setting is nothing short of enchanting, with the vineyard's natural beauty providing a stunning backdrop for this intimate moment.

The ceremony takes place under a charming arbor decorated with cascading greenery and delicate blooms. The bride and groom stand at the center, framed by the vibrant colors of the flowers and the lush, verdant rows of grapevines stretching out behind them.

The bride looks breathtaking in her flowing white gown, the intricate lace and delicate beading catching the late afternoon sun. Her hair is styled elegantly, with a few loose tendrils framing her face, and her veil, edged with lace, falls softly over her shoulders. She holds a bouquet of fresh flowers, a mix of wildflowers and roses in soft pastels, which she now clasps in one hand as the other reaches up to her new husband's shoulder.

The groom, handsome in a classic suit with a boutonniere that mirrors the bride's bouquet, gazes at her with a look of pure love and happiness. His smile is warm and full of emotion as he leans in for the kiss.

As their lips meet, the gathered guests erupt in applause and cheers, the sound blending with the gentle rustling of leaves and the soft murmur of the nearby stream. The golden light of the setting sun bathes the couple in a warm glow, highlighting the joy and love that radiates from them.

The vineyard's expansive landscape stretches out around them, the rows of grapevines creating a sense of timeless romance. The distant mountains add to the sense of serene beauty, making this moment feel both intimate and grand.

Carrie McCluskey, the photographer, captures this perfect kiss with her camera, ensuring that the magic of this moment will be remembered forever. The bride and groom, now united as one, hold each other close, their faces glowing with happiness as they look out over their friends and family, ready to begin their new life together.

Location: 17224 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92027.

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